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Joyce M.

Discovery Montessori is an amazing, nurturing and wonderful school. As a parent and a teacher I am very happy with the education that both of my children received at this school.  All the teachers at the school are wonderful and caring. They take a genuine interest in their student's learning and interests.  The teachers not only teach the children academics, but they also teach them life skills and to be responsible and caring citizens which I really value. I never had to worry when I dropped my kids off at Discovery Montessori as I knew they would be well taken care of.  

The school has a wonderful learning environment.  It is very cozy, welcoming and most importantly clean. The owner Ms. Fouzia is a lovely person who cares about her staff and students and takes pride in her school. If I ever had any questions or concerns she would address them immediately.  

I have recommended this school to many friends and family and would continue recommending this to anyone who is looking for an amazing Montessori education for their child

M. Adams

My two precious grandchildren attended Discovery Montessori (one still there) and I am full of praise for every aspect of their school as described by others here.  The owner Ms. Fouzia is warm, caring, smart, educated and dedicated to her school and to the children in her care.  It shines through in every way and gave us great comfort to know that they were in good hands at all times with the wonderful teachers who reflect her own attributes and values. The building and environment, inside and out, is immaculately kept and safe and is like an oasis of calm and nature in its location. I thank them all for giving  my grandchildren a great head start.  I highly recommend the school.

Marijana Sivric

Discovery Montessori is a home away from home.  As a parent and an educator I am completely satisfied with the level of education my child has been receiving for the past 2.5 years. The staff is patient, kind, caring and genuinely show an interest in each child.  It is evident in the way they greet the children and care for them on a daily, as though they were their own.  Discovery Montessori does a phenomenal job at including and engaging all children, providing them with memorable experiences and helping children reach their full potential.  Discovery also does an amazing job at communicating with parents.  There is always a monthly newsletter, a private parent Instagram account, emails from the owner and friendly face-to-face conversations.  I highly recommend this Montessori, as it is a facility that encourages and builds on the successes of ALL of its students.  Thank you Discovery staff for all that you do for the well-being and future of our children.

Adnan Zamir

We have had 2 kids go through this institution. As parents we have seen them grow all for the positive direction in confidence and education. Each teacher here takes a unique and individual interest in each kids. They build on each kids strengths and work with them to overcome the weaknesses.
We have known parents that have had all of their kids go through this establishment, which should speak volumes on the quality provided.

Ronique Robinson

My daughter attended Discovery Montessori for 3 years and I am very happy with the exceptional education she received. Her teachers had genuine interest in her education and ensured that she reached her full potential. I was amazed at how much she had learned by the time she graduated. The teachers are warm and caring with the children and I felt very confident leaving her in their hands each day. My daughter's Montessori background has definitely given her an advantage in grade 1.  I would absolutely recommend this school to anyone who is considering Montessori education!

Vicky Cheung

Being able to send our boys to Discovery Montessori has been such a blessing.  Prior to Discovery, we had enrolled our boys in 2 previous daycares.  Unfortunately they lacked structure and routine, particularly for our oldest son which resulted in him feeling withdrawn with limited desire to attend.

Our boys who are now aged 6 and 4, have been attending Discovery for the past 3 years.  The amount of learning and knowledge they have acquired in just a short amount of time is beyond amazing and is something I could never do alone as a parent.  My eldest son was reading simple sentences and 3 letter words  when he was 3.5.
My younger son has developed a sense of discipline and excitement with everyday activities at home such as cooking due to the life skills  his teachers foster on a daily basis.  We are so comforted knowing our boys are attending an enriched learning environment filled with teachers who genuinely care about their future.  There are also multiple school trips planned each year as well as the opportunity to enroll in an after school soccer program which further supports the learning curriculum.

Lastly, the school is unbelievably beautiful and CLEAN.  The number of sick days has significantly been reduced in our home since we switched!

As a parent, I often reflect - am I providing my boys with the best?  Did I make the right decision in that scenario?  With Discovery, my husband and I have no absolutely no doubts that we made the right decision.    We honestly can't say enough amazing things about this school and have recommended it to several of our friends and family. We know that these few years have undoubtedly set them up for success which we hope will continue for years to come.